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Our Blog, Evolving Times, provides ideas for our time of great change.

Throughout history, our planet and human beings have continually experienced times of change and transformation, sometimes suddenly and on a global scale. We are in such a time now, as the actions of the human species change the dynamics of our planet. Such times create tremendous unrest, as so many things are in flux. Everything is unsettled, causing great stress to all living creatures and our ecosystem.

Sheng Zhen Gong is a timely gift to mankind as we experience global change. The practice makes us more healthy, resilient and flexible, while calming our emotions and elevating our spirit. Practicing Sheng Zhen will help us weather the seas of change.

Look to our blog, Evolving Times, for discussion, tips and ideas that will boost and compliment the practice of Sheng Zhen. We share Master Li's hope that, "As more and more people in the world practice Sheng Zhen Gong and lead a Sheng Zhen life, the power of Unconditional Love will spread, transforming this world into Heaven on Earth." 

Articles are organized in the sections listed below for convenience, plus you can search for key words. 

Local Practice - information on local classes and events

Thoughts on Sheng Zhen - articles on the practice, with tips and ideas

Master Li's Writings - articles written by our Teacher, Master Li Junfeng.

Sustainability - articles which expand the discussion beyond qigong