How different is Sheng Zhen from meditation?

A friend emailed me with some questions about Sheng Zhen, asking “How different is Sheng Zhen from meditation?  I may want to give it a try, but I am concerned I will be missing some sessions because of my schedule.  How would that affect the practice?

Sheng Zhen qigong is actually a type of meditation practice. Just like there are many different types of yoga, there are also many different types of meditation and qigong. Our Sheng Zhen practice involves both moving and non-moving forms, and all of them have a component of meditation to them. 

At this point, there are around 18 different Sheng Zhen forms. Each form is composed of around 10 different movements or positions that you do in sequence, from start to finish. A form can be completed in as little as 10 minutes, or go on for an hour, depending on how often you repeat or hold each movement.

By practicing regularly, your body learns the movements so well that you can shut off your mind. Rather than thinking about the movements, you meditate on the contemplations that correspond with each movement and form.

Though I had tried mediation before I was involved with this practice, I had never gone very far with it. I didn't really understand how to do it. With Sheng Zhen, I have been able to get to a deep meditative place very easily. It has amazed me. I have only scratched the surface with meditation, but am thrilled at where it has taken me so far.

As for missing some sessions, no worries. This qigong heals and strengthens the body, mind and spirit by replenishing your body's healthy qi - the life force. The benefits occur simply by doing the movements, whether a novice or an expert; whether going to a deep meditative place or not. Or, doing all the sessions or just one.

At our Baltimore Yoga class last week, we had a bunch of new students. The smiles on their faces at the end said it all. One woman told me she felt great and very happy after we were done, and she didn't know why. I told her that's the purpose of this practice, and it works. Plus, it only gets better the more you do it. She was in a great place after the first time. Now you know why I keep coming back for more.

Truly, this is easy to learn, and you will get something out of any class you attend. The classes will build on each other, but you will not miss anything. We will keep going over everything every time, just going further. You will continue to improve and find it easier each new time you come. 

I hope you join us.