Recommending Qigong to Patients

A doctor friend wrote: “I frequently refer patients with neurological problems for Tai chi and it is hard to find an expert. What type of people do you work with or are you now only doing Qigong. Would this also be good for balance?

Shen Zhen is a great practice for healing, including improving balance. That is one of its main purposes, to help the practitioner improve their health in body, mind and spirit. Since these three are intimately connected, we cannot truly heal the body without also addressing the mind and spirit. 

Practicing qigong not only helps us find physical balance, but also balance in other parts of our lives.

The movements are gentle, simple and easy to learn. Most forms can be done sitting down in a chair, and some, including Healing Gong, are made for sitting in a chair. They can be performed by and greatly benefit anyone, even when they are physically impaired. I will be teaching the form called "Healing Gong" to recovering addicts through the program at the Institute for Behavior Research that is near my neighborhood.  

I like Tai Chi a lot, and will definitely incorporate some of what I have learned in my tai chi practice as I teach Sheng Zhen. I think the benefits are similar from the two practices, but I like sheng zhen more. It is easier to learn and to do, and therefore easier to practice regularly. Plus, I think you can gain greater benefits in less time. 

Most importantly, tai chi is a marshal art. It is for fighting. Sheng Zhen is for healing, strengthening and integrating. When you really want to go deep into these practices, you MUST recognize the intent, and I have no interest in fighting. All the benefits I was looking for from tai chi are better served by Sheng Zhen Gong.

As a piece of history on my path, it was at the point where I was confronting the intent of tai chi and searching for a good local teacher that I came upon Sheng Zhen. I realized that I had found my great teachers, they just didn't teach tai chi.

I hope that helps. Please join us for a class and see for yourself.