Sustainability & Values Series

Changing the Way We Think

Let’s be honest from the start. I want to change the way we think about our daily decisions.

Because, when it comes to creating a sustainable future, we know what to do -- where to start. We just don’t yet have the will to do it.

I think a key to finding this will power lies in the way we consider and weigh our daily decisions.

Changing the way we think will provide the will -- the energy, the qi -- we need to make the changes that are critical to our future and our children's children's future.


As the Sustainability & Values blogs are posted, there will be active links to each blog below.

  • Already Paying Huge Hidden Costs - As we make our daily decisions on how we spend money (time, energy, resources), we need to include the huge hidden expenses we are already paying due to climate change.
  • Fund the Change You Want to See - We value many things more than money, and these should be considered when we are making financial investment decisions.
  • You Can Find a Cheaper Pizza . . . but then you have to eat it. Quality isn't a luxury. It is the wisest financial choice when the long term is considered.
  • The 4 Keys to Change - How can we act as a catalyst for change? Here are the 4 simple things that matter most.
  • Becoming Resilient - Focusing on long term sustainability as we make daily decisions provides security for your family, your home, and your community.

About this series:
I conceived and eventually wrote this series during what turned out to be the final year of our Company, TerraLogos Energy Group, that is January to September, 2013. I am pleased to report that my values continue to change, evolve.  They have become stronger and expanded from the TerraLogos focus of energy and money, to also include
time, resources, health and satisfaction.     ~ Peter Van Buren, September 2015