Recommended Path for Learning

Some forms of Sheng Zhen are more complicated and difficult than others. So, although it is possible to learn and practice the forms in any order, the order below is recommended by by Master Li. Then, each new form builds on the previous ones as the practitioner goes deeper and travels further on the path of Sheng Zhen.

Step 1

Gathering Qi (standing):  Nourishing the Heart  

Awakening The Soul

Step 2

Sheng Zhen Healing Gong, Part I

Sheng Zhen Healing Gong, Part II

Step 3

Heaven Nature Gong (formerly: Kuan Yin Standing)

Heart Spirit as One (formerly: Jesus Sitting)

Step 4

Union of Three Hearts meditation

9 Turns meditation

Step 5

Heart Mind as One (formerly: Jesus Standing)

Listening to the Heart (formerly: Mohammed Sitting)

Step 6

Return to Spring

Heaven Earth Gong (formerly: Kuan Yin Sitting)

Step 7

Releasing the Heart (formerly: Mohammed Standing)

Origin of the Heart (formerly: Hanuman)

Step 8

Sheng Zhen Healing Gong, Part III

Breath of Life: Lung Qigong

Step 9

Strength in Balance: Liver Qigong

Light of Purity: Kidney Qigong