What's NEW 2016

We are pleased to announce Master Li's return to Baltimore for a 2 day intensive workshop on Sheng Zhen March 12 & 13. Learning from our master is a profound experience that should not be missed, and we encourage you to attend either for one or better both days. 

Plus, local teacher Pamela Tanton will be teaching two workshops at local yoga studios. Click here for details on these Workshops.

Also new for 2016, the International Sheng Zhen Society is offering on-demand training and practice videos of Master Li on our Vimeo channel. There are many free videos available, so that everyone can enjoy watching Master Li demonstrate the various forms of Sheng Zhen and discuss the philosophy behind the practice.

Plus, there are full-length Master Li training videos available for sale at prices ranging from $15 to $35. Download these videos and watch them again and again any time. These videos are a great addition to anyone's practice. You can find a link to our Vimeo Channel in the main navigation of our Baltimore site under "SZ Resources".

Finally, the International Sheng Zhen Society has a brand new website that is filled with the latest information about our practice, along many resources to support your exploration of Sheng Zhen. I especially like to navigate the world map of all the Certified Sheng Zhen Teachers. Our practice of unconditional love truly spans the globe.

Be more Sheng Zhen in 2016.