Master Li Workshop, Fall Classes & More

Master Li teaching

There are lots of chances to connect to Sheng Zhen this fall.

First off, we are very pleased that Master Li will be coming to Maryland to teach a 2 day workshop in November at the Bethesda Women's. On Saturday and Sunday, 11/12 & 13, he will focus on teaching a seated form, Heaven Earth Gong,  along with other forms of Sheng Zhen Gong.

Learning from a real master is a rare opportunity not to be missed. Find out more of the details here, including registration information.

In partnership with Chris Myers Yoga, we have a new class starting up at the Mill Centre in Hampden. Beginning on September 15, Peter Van Buren will be teaching a regular 1-hour class every Thursday from 6–7 PM. Click here for the details.

Plus, Peter's Bolton Hill class will be resuming on September 14, with classes every Wednesday from 6–7 PM at the Bolton Hill Nursery, 204 W. Lanvale. Click here for more information on this class.

In Annapolis, Jill Penaloza has moved her regular Monday evening and Wednesday morning classes to the Gampopa Center, a wonderful place to practice. Find out more more her classes here.

Pamela Tanton will continue her long standing classes at HopeWell Cancer Support Mondays 6–7 PM and Wednesday 11–noon, plus in Mt. Washington at the Baltimore Yoga Village Fridays 11:30–12:30. See the full schedule of Baltimore classes here.

Master Li and Li Jing

Lastly, the people at the International Sheng Zhen Society have been hard at work filming more practice videos with Master Li. There are now on-demand videos of eleven different Sheng Zhen Gong forms that can be purchased and downloaded, so you can watch them over and over again.

Ranging in price from $15 to $35, these videos allow you to follow along as Master Li teaches the movements in each form. They provide a great method for going deeper into Sheng Zhen Gong.

Plus there are many FREE videos of Master Li and his daughter Li Jing practicing Sheng Zhen forms and explaining the philosophy. See this one on "The Three Functions of Sheng Zhen Gong".

Please come and join us in the Practice of Unconditional Love, Sheng Zhen Gong.