New Year's Message from Master Li

Master Li in Austin Tx

Master Li in Austin Tx

I wish you all a very Happy New Year!

Now, more than ever, it is extremely important to expand and spread the Sheng Zhen spirit. Our Earth, our environment, and our human society are in a state of emergency.

Whether what you do to help others seems big or small, it doesn’t matter. There is no difference.

I encourage you all to practice the Union of Three Hearts meditation, as often as possible, to open your hearts more, to FEEL the Earth and its suffering.

You will be moved from your heart to serve others. When our hearts open, they become clear, like water.

When the heart becomes clear, it can see with understanding. In its clarity, it reflects all. Like water, the heart can go anywhere. It can go into big places, into small crevices. It can evaporate. It can condense.

The heart has no limits. It can warm and also cool. It can bathe the world with love.

It is when our hearts are clear and open, that we can best serve others and help the Earth during these challenging times. 

Please, trust the Qi and continue your practice.

With much love, 

Junfeng Li