These Times

Global Change

Great changes are happening everywhere on our planet which affect everyone.  We see and feel the changes socially, politically, environmentally to the point of globally changing the climate, and personally in our own consciousness. 

That's a lot to take in, and at times it may seem overwhelming, even hopeless, especially if you watch the TV or stay hooked into the latest "news". 

Sheng Zhen practice gives me the resilience to weather these changes. It helps me energize myself physical, mentally and spiritually, so that I can find balance amidst these upheavals.

I take great power from this quote that my fellow Sheng Zhen teacher Edward Wiley in Santa Cruz shared with the group at a training in May 2016. It's part of the Forward to Master Li's first book on the practice.

"You are not asked to struggle with heavy hearts to save your lives, nor are you asked to grimly wage a war against evil.  

You are asked to go forward with lightness of heart to seek the fullness of love.  This is the meaning of the era of Sheng Zhen and this is what the practice of Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong will lead you to.  

This is what you lose if you do not go along — not your lives, but the experience of pure love!"

~ Mi Li Buddha, April, 1996

I know there are many things changing underneath the surface, hidden from the view of the TV cameras and mainstream journalism. Changes that run counter to the standard narrative we hear in the news. Seek them out, and join in these changes.

The experience of pure love is always there for you. Sheng Zhen Meditation gives me the lightness of heart necessary to find this love.

Everyday, no matter how the winds of change may blow.