Peter at Eastover Retreat Center, May 2018

Peter at Eastover Retreat Center, May 2018

~ Peter Van Buren

I teach the practice of Sheng Zhen.

But, why do we call it practice? What is it practice for?

When we practice the piano, we do this so that we can play a piece of music well. We could play to an audience, or only for ourselves, but at some point we are “playing” the piano, not just practicing it. Practice without an eventual effort to "do", does not lead very far.

We practice Sheng Zhen so that we can “be” sheng zhen in our lives. All the time. The more we practice, the easier it is to attain this goal of being in the state of sheng zhen while we go about our everyday lives. We learn how to move differently. How to think and feel differently, so that we incorporate the sheng zhen spirit in everything we do.

The practice helps us to become a big body of love, a being that loves everything and everyone.

Little by little, step by step, we change ourselves as we practice, until eventually it is all so clear and easy. Being sheng zhen feels so right, comfortable, energizing. Everything flows.

Be more sheng zhen.