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Travelling Eastward Across the Ocean , 2nd Movement of Heaven Nature Heart Mantra

Travelling Eastward Across the Ocean, 2nd Movement of Heaven Nature Heart Mantra

Now you can learn from home

Since Sheng Zhen Online launched in February, a new module focusing on a different form has been added every month to this free online teaching platform.

To "enroll", simply click the link above and sign in to the school with your email address. Once enrolled, you can "sign-up" for as many modules as you want.

Full-length modules on these forms are already available:

  • Union of Three Hearts Meditation

  • Gathering Qi from the Universe

  • Awakening the Soul

  • Sheng Zhen Healing, Stage One

  • and just added, Heaven Nature Heart Mantra (formerly Kuan Yin Standing)

The core of each module are the videos of Master Li or Li Jing giving instructions and demonstrations of the movements.

Then, once you have learned the movements step-by-step, there are practice videos so you can follow along as Master Li leads you through the whole movement. Such a great way to practice and learn!

Modules also include the contemplations that go along with the forms, talks by Master Li about the practice, self-quizzes to test your understanding, and even Notebook pages for taking notes.

Online will never replace practice and learning with other people in a live class, but this online resource can help you go further faster and easier.

Best of all, Sheng Zhen Online will always be free as a gift to the world. Once you come to appreciate the practice of Sheng Zhen, it is only natural to want to share this gift with everyone.

We hope you will visit Sheng Zhen Online to learn, study, practice, and feel the love. Let us know what you think.

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