The Sitting Forms of Sheng Zhen Gong

Sheng Zhen Gong has a wide variety of forms. The moving forms help cultivate qi, while the non-moving forms help condense and store the qi in the body.

Whether moving or non-moving, Sheng Zhen Gong has three main functions.
First, it is good for physical health. The inner cultivation of qi helps improve the circulation of the blood and strengthens the body which directly improves your health, so it is medical qigong.

Secondly, it is good for the emotions. It can remove stress, worries, nervousness, anger and hatred so that, no matter what is going on around you, you are calm, at ease and balanced. Therefore, it is emotional qigong.

Thirdly, Sheng Zhen Gong opens and purifies the heart and elevates the spirit, so it is also spiritual qigong.

Below are brief descriptions of each sitting or non-moving form. Every form can be practiced by anyone – young or elderly, healthy or ill, man or woman.

Awakening the Soul

When the Heart is open, it possesses the qualities of willingness and suppleness, of having a natural sense of wonder and freedom from fear. As these qualities grow and develop, as the heart opens, one can return to the origin, to breathe the original breath and become one with the pulse of the universe. This qigong has the power to achieve this. When the soul is awakened, one’s life becomes inspired, and doubt and worry cease to exist. The burden of life becomes non-existent as in a newborn child.

Heart Spirit as One

In the practice of Heart Spirit as One, the practitioner is brought to the experience of receiving the Love from which the universe was created and the Love into which everything dissolves. Love is a powerful energy. Allow Love to enter the Heart. This sitting practice is both meditation and self-healing. One will gradually be able to hold the positions longer when one is dedicated to the regular practice of Heart Spirit as One.

Union of Three Hearts meditation

Union of Three Hearts is a seated, non-moving qigong that trains the mind. As this practice quiets the mind one is able to return to the Beginning – to connect with Heaven, Earth, and with all humanity. Simply breathe lightly and naturally. This helps the body relax. Lose all sense of yourself. Forget everything. Free the mind of all worries and thoughts. With a tranquil and peaceful mind, one can go back to the beginning of time and see the world with renewed understanding.

Nine Turns meditation

Nine Turns is a lying down, meditative non-moving practice that involves the circulation of qi throughout the body to strengthen both the body and mind. Practitioners bring their awareness to the physical body, using the mind to guide qi to follow the meridians. This flow of qi can be used as disease prevention or as self-healing. It can open up the channels, soften pain or remove blockages from injuries. Because this requires no physical effort, this can be practiced by those who are physically impaired.

Listening to the Heart

Listening to the Heart gifts the practitioner with the experience of spontaneous joy. Many people have forgotten that within them is the source of the deepest joy and that returning to the natural state will enable one to tap into that endless source of joy in the Heart. Do this practice with a spirit of openness, imagining yourself in a happy, beautiful, harmonious, and perfect world.

Heaven Earth Gong

This practice is for self-cultivation and Heart nourishment, to help one obtain long-lasting happiness. This form creates a blissful state. Each movement has a corresponding meaning. It is important to grasp the meaning of the previous movement to understand the significance of the next. This form is practiced while sitting cross-legged on the floor or seated in a chair.